STP Small Engine 4 Cycle Oil, SAE-30, 32 oz

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STP Premium Small Engine 4-Cycle Oil SAE-30 is specifically formulated for use in outdoor power equipment. Its high-quality base oil formula is scientifically engineered with antioxidants, anti-wear technology, detergents and a corrosion inhibitor to help maintain maximum performance in 4-cycle small engines. Can be used with push mowers, riding mowers, generators, snow blowers and other 4-cycle gasoline powered small engines (refer to owner's manual). Formulated to meet OEM requirements and API category SJ specifications.

  • High quality base oil cushion parts to protect against friction and helps control engine oil viscosity over the oil drain period

  • Engineered with Anti-Wear Technology that provides engine part lubrication and reduced engine wear

  • Antioxidants fight thermal breakdown to enhance oil durability

  • Detergents help keep engine components clean and control carbon deposits

  • Corrosion inhibitor promotes equipment longevity during seasonal storage