Hot Wheels Nitrobot Attack Track Set,

ANG 73.67

It’s you versus a giant diabolical robot made of out of cars! Nitro Bot is attacking the city, and he’s captured a car. Watch out! Get too close and he might rip the road out from underneath you. The only way to take him down before he conquers the city is to face him head on. Launch from the left!

Launch from the middle! Keep moving your launcher and aiming your attack until with skill and timing you score a direct hit, causing the head of the Nitro Bot to fly off and his arm swing down in defeat, releasing the captured car and sending it racing to freedom. Connects to other Hot Wheels tracks (sold separately) to build the world of play. Includes one Hot Wheels vehicle so the fun starts right out of the box. Each sold separately, subject to availability. Colours and decorations may vary.

  • It’s a showdown between Hot Wheels and the Nitro Bot
  • Features a movable launcher so kids can take aim at the giant robot made of cars
  • Hot Wheels car shoots at the robot and causes his head to fly off
  • When the robot is defeated, the captured car races to freedom
  • Includes one Hot Wheels vehicle
  • Age Grade: 4 years+

Why choose Mattel?

Mattel have been making children smile for over 50 years with iconic toy brands such as Barbie, Hot Wheels, and Fisher-Price. They create and produce some of the world's most beloved toys for children, and we know that with this comes the responsibility to ensure quality and safety.

Building lasting memories, helping children smile, laugh and learn is what they do.