Air Wick Freshmatic Spray Refill, Magnolia & Cherry Blossom, 250 ml

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ANG 7.99

The Air Wick Freshmatic Max Room Spray spray gives off a pleasantly fresh and flowery light smell of magnolia and cherry blossoms. Easy to use - simply insert the Air Wick refill into your Freshmatic Max and the battery-powered device will deliver fresh, light fragrances at the time interval you specify. Choose between 3 different intervals of 10, 28 and 32 minutes. The 250 ml refill cartridge keeps the indoor air fresh for up to 60 days.

Product Features:

  • after for Air Wick Freshmatic Max automatic room sprays 

  • Fragrance: Magnolia & cherry blossoms

  • a fresh, floral-light fragrance that spreads pure spring freshness

  • up to 60 days fragrance experience/follow-up (with 12 hour use/day)