Palmolive Caprice Mousse Volumen Control, 200 gr

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Take care of your hair using Caprice Specialties Volume and Control Foam on a daily basis; Discover how its exclusive formula will allow you to give your hair strength back to protect it from the aggressions caused by the iron or dryer. Thanks to its mixture of ingredients added with acti-ceramides and complex, it will strengthen your hair fiber to control volume, avoiding hair loss, breakage, dryness and split ends. Acquire its presentation of 200 grams, which will allow you to share its qualities with the members of your family and enjoy its qualities for up to 24 hours. Remember that for best results you can use the full range of Caprice products that Amazon has for you.

Product Features:

  • 24 hours duration

  • Eliminate frizz and puffiness

  • High quality product

  • Branded product