Huffy Granite Mountain Bike For Boys, Green, 20 in

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About Huffy
For over a hundred years, Huffy has been a pioneering force in the cycling world, selling over 100 million bikes worldwide. After their first effort in 1892, Huffy continued to produce bicycles that changed the way people thought about the sport, reflecting the company's values toward health, hobby, and environmentally friendly transportation. Popular models such as the Radio Bike, the Racer, the Dragster, and the Sigma have showed the company's ingenuity and versatility, producing a variety of styles for all kinds of riders. However, quality and innovation have only ever been part of the Huffy mission, which aims foremost at creating affordable bicycles so that everyone can enjoy them. Huffy's first children's bike, the Huffy Convertible, featured rear training wheels and child-friendly steps - results of the company's commitment to healthy family entertainment. Today Huffy continues to be a household name in the arenas of cycling and sporting goods, manufacturing recognizable and affordable bikes that embrace an energetic culture.

Product Features:

  • Durable frame

  • Easy to shift and fun to ride

  • Comfortable padded saddle

  • Brushed finish rim process adds grooved surface for greater friction and better braking

  • Lightweight aluminum increases strength and control

  • Recommended age range: 5–9 years

  • Recommended rider height: 44-56 inches

  • 5-speed thumb index system shifts between gears with ease

  • Alloy quick-release enables easy seat height adjustment

  • 20 x 1.95-inch knobby tires handle trails, woods, and pavement equally well