Hasbro Baby Alive Better Now Bailey Doll, Model #C2691

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She’s not just a doll- she’s a Baby Alive! From feeding to diapering and beyond, Baby Alive dolls create realistic nurturing experiences like no other. With Baby Alive Better Now Bailey doll, kids can immerse themselves in the fun of caring for Bailey by helping her to feel better and changing her diaper.

Oh no! Poor Better Now Bailey doll is home sick today, and she needs someone to take care of her. Give her a checkup and sweetly nurture her back to health with the Baby Alive accessories including a pretend thermometer and stethoscope. If she’s hungry, feed her with her bottle and then change her diaper. She really drinks and pees! Taking care of Bailey when she's sick isn't always easy, but with a little love and care, she'll feel better in no time.

Better Now Bailey includes everything she needs for a full checkup. First, take her temperature with the pretend thermometer. Then, check her eyes and ears. Pretend to listen to Bailey’s heart with the pretend stethoscope. Press it against her chest and the check the dial to see how she’s feeling. Does she seem a little under the weather? Keep a close eye on her. ..no medicine compares to some tender love and care.

Baby Alive Better Now Bailey doll drinks and pees just like a real baby! Fill up her bottle with water, and feed her until she slurps it all up! When she’s done drinking, it’s changing time! Change her diaper, and love her some more.