Hartig + Helling 3-Piece Thermometer Set, 3 pcs

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With this 3-Piece thermometer set from Hartig + Helling you are well equipped. This set consist of clinical thermometer, pacifier thermometer and room and bathtub thermometer. 

The clinical thermometer is equipped with an LCD display and has a flexible tip for gentle measurement. The measurement is carried out in 3 to 5 minutes with an accuracy of +/- 1 degree Celcius.

The pacifier thermometer has the great advantage that your little darling does not notice the measurement, and is also equipped with LCD display. It has a measuring accuracy of +/- 1 degree Celcius.

The room and bathtub thermometer in flower design with LCD display measures between 0 - 50 degree Celcius, and also signals very hot and very cold temperatures. For all three thermometers, the retrieval of the last measurement is possible.