Dunlop Electric 0.6 L Coffee Maker, 220 V, 650 W

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ANG 35.74

In the morning for a fresh start of the day and in the evening a nice cup of coffee to relax after a busy day. Although the innovations in the field of coffee make us fly, most people still love the old familiar filter coffee. Of course, the quick filter milling deserves a coffee machine that brings all the aromas into your cup! 

A very luxurious stainless steel coffee maker from the top brand Dunlop. The coffee maker is suitable for making 6 cups of coffee and is equipped with a handy removable filter basket with drip stop, water level indicator, keep warm function, safe thermostat control and on / off switch with indicator light.

The coffee maker has a clearly readable water level and the coffee maker for a pure coffee taste by purified water and less calcium deposits. The device also ensures optimum matching between temperature, lead time and extraction.