Brentwood 800 Watt Stainless Steel Power Juicer , Model #JC-500

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ANG 188.67

Making fresh juices every day is now easy with the Brentwood Juicer. The construction from premium-quality stainless steel makes this juicer sturdy and long-lasting. It remains functional for years to come. This multi-functional juicer sports a luxurious and plush silver finish that merges well with any modern or contemporary kitchen. This juicer is resistant to stains, odor, and rust. The dial on the side of this juicer makes handling easy and simple. Equipped with two speed settings, this juicer lets you get the consistency that you require. Thanks to the wide mouth feeder pipe, this Juicer from Brentwood allows you to add in whole fruits and vegetables. It requires some assembly.