Weider XRS 20 Adjustable Olympic Workout Bench With Independent Squat Rack And Preacher Pad , 1 pc

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Offering multiple workout stations in a single, compact design, the Weider XRS 20 Olympic Bench and Rack combination provides the versatility you need to build the body you want. Whether you work out with a standard or an Olympic-sized barbell, the XRS 20’s adjustable uprights will fit the job. And, with adjustable safety spotters that measure an impressive 9.5” long, you’ll get all the safety and support you need during your workout. The XRS 20 allows you to work out with the bench and uprights together or separately, turning the uprights into a premium squat center and the bench into a classic multi-position workout station for performing a variety of ab and weight workouts. This multi-station bench also comes with a sewn vinyl preacher pad, perfect for sculpting the biceps that you’ve always wanted and a 6-roll leg developer to strengthen and tone your legs. Once finished, conveniently organize and store your weight plates with the XRS 20’s built-in plate storage.

Adjustable Utility Bench

  • Independent Utility Bench: Your bench can be used separately or moved out of the way, allowing you to perform squats and other exercises without obstruction
  • 6-Roll Leg Developer: Build and develop quads, hamstrings, glutes, and hip-flexors
  • Curl Yoke: Build muscle in your upper body
  • Preacher Pad: Comfortably isolate your biceps and forearms while ensuring proper exercise form
  • Multiple Bench Positions: Incline, flat, and decline bench positions offer countless exercise options and proper exercise form
  • Olympic Width: A multi-width bench is designed to accommodate Olympic bars
  • Weight Limit: The weight bench is designed to support a maximum user weight of 300 lbs. and a maximum total weight of 610 lbs.

Independent Squat Rack

  • Adjustable Uprights: Adjust the uprights to a number of positions for various exercises and comfort levels
  • Safety Spotters: Prevent unnecessary injury while working out
  • Standing Squat Station: Perform squats that isolate the quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves
  • Built-In Plate Storage: Keep your weights neatly organized and out of the way