Weider Pro 265 Standard Bench

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ANG 399.99
  • Includes 80 Lb. Vinyl Weight Set

  • Includes a preacher curl station

  • Includes a foam-padded leg developer

  • Reach your strength training goals while skipping the daily trip to the gym with the Weider Pro 265 Standard Bench and included weight set

  • Adjust the padded bench between flat and incline positions to customize your lifting experience and target different muscles in your upper body

  • Isolate your biceps with the preacher curl pad and feel the burn as you build your arm strength

  • A 4-roll foam-padded leg developer allows you to perform both leg extensions and curls, sculpting your quads, hip flexors, hamstrings, and glutes

  • The fixed upright provides safety for heavy lifts targeting your chest and shoulders and can be used in both of the benchs two positions

  • Sewn vinyl seats are more durable than the stapled-together competition, and are easy to keep clean as you work out

  • A professionally designed exercise chart is included with your purchase, giving you guidance as you forge forward in your fitness journey

  • To top it all off we have included an 80-pound vinyl weight set so you can start lifting as soon as you get your bench