WD-40 Multi-Use Product Spray With Smart Straw, 2-Pack, 2 x 8 oz

ANG 23.15

BRAND STORYIn 1953, in a small lab in San Diego, California, the fledgling Rocket Chemical Company and its staff of three set out to create a line of rust-prevention solvents and degreasers for use in the aerospace industry. Thats how WD-40 was born. Over 60 years later, theyre still solving problems and making things work smoothly.HOW TO USEExplore solutions with WD-40 Trigger Pro. The non-aerosol bottle and double spray trigger gives you control over your product. Its easy to use as it stops squeaks, removes & protects, loosens rusted parts, frees sticky mechanisms, and drives out moisture. Follow these simple steps.1. Shake can well2. Unlock and set SPRAY or STREAM setting on nozzle3. Saturate area, let soak for several minutes4. For best rust protection, do not wipe offTHOUSANDS OF USESFun Fact: Police officers once used WD-40 to remove a naked burglar trapped in an air conditioning vent. It truly is one can, with thousands of uses. From tool kits, to police stations, WD-40 Multi-Use simply makes your life easier. It displaces moisture in electrical systems, has anti-corrosion properties, loosens rust-to-metal bonds, frees stuck or frozen bits, removes goop or grime, and lubricates moving parts. There are no limitations.ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITYWD-40 is dedicated to the environment every step of the way. They not only comply to environment protection laws, regulations, and reporting on the state, federal, and international levels, but they also are fully committed to regional compliance. Further, aerosol product cans contain no chlorofluorocarbons and are 100% recyclable. From start to finish, these products are made with the cleanest ingredients, as WD-40 strives to be good environmental citizens.

Product Features:

  • 8-oz. aerosol canister is sized for portability

  • Cleans grease, grime and dirt

  • Removes adhesives, bugs, tar and more