Vape Mosquito Destroyer Liquid Set , 1 ct

ANG 14.73

Fumakilla keeps you and your family safe from disease causing mosquitoes all day and night. Mosquito can be very annoying especially for those who suffer a bad reaction to their bites. The peak biting periods of mosquito tend to be dusk and dawn, but though they are not visible, mosquitoes are active at all times of day. The best way to keep safe from them biting you is prevention. A good mosquito repellent can be of great help as they help keep mosquitoes at bay.

Product Features :

  • Brand: Fumakilla

  • Type: Repellents

  • Suitable For: Mosquitoes

  • Details: Protection from dengue mosquitoes in just 5 minutes

  • 100 % knock-down formula

  • Protection from mosquitoes and houseflies

  • 2 times more powerful formula