Tide Pods Plus Downy Laundry Detergent Pacs, April Fresh, 32 ct

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  • Tide Pods Plus Downy laundry detergent pacs offer the Tide clean you love, now with Downy Fabric Protect

  • Use 4-in-1 laundry pacs to clean, brighten, fight stains and protect your clothes in the wash every time you do laundry

  • The proprietary technology also allows you to clean and condition your clothes in 1 step

  • And the innovative, multi-chamber design separates key ingredients until they hit the wash for maximum cleaning power

  • Its HE Turbo technology provides 6x the cleaning power in half the time

  • Simply toss in one pac for medium loads, two pacs for large loads or three pacs for extra-large loads and experience an amazing clean

  • Be sure to toss the Tide Pods pac into the washing machine drum before you add clothes

  • Tide Pods dissolve in hot and cold water so wash in any cycle