Tactix 2-Drawer Cabinet Steel Tool Accessory Organizer, 1 pc

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The TACTIX 2-Drawer Cabinet is one of the components of this company's Flex system. It is a series of different modules that can be assembled freely to fit many kinds of circumstances. You can choose the cabinets you need and make your own stylish storage system. The TACTIX Flex system is ideal for organizing power tools, hand tools and other hardware. It is also easy to separate if you want to recombine. This modular storage cabinet can be used as a stand-alone unit or combined with other components from the system. With ball bearing slides and steel drawer construction, it is a terrific place to keep tools and other accessories. You can even store heavier items in it as the load capacity per drawer is 44 pounds. Use it as a power tool storage cabinet. This item is fully transportable so you can easily take it with you to the job site. It also features a key lock for added security.

  • 26"L x 15-1/2"W x 14-7/8"H (65.6 cm L x 40 cm W x 37.8 cm H)

  • Dual-drawer component in the customizable TACTIX Modular Storage Cabinet System

  • Ideal for storage of tools and accessories

  • Steel drawer construction

  • Ball bearing slides

  • 44 lbs (20 kg) of load capacity per drawer

  • Key lock for security and transportation

  • Can be used with all TACTIX Flex storage system components