Round White Porcelain Tableware, 18 pcs

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You can always give a touch of distinction to your table with this elegant tableware of the prestigious firm Toulouse, with a simple and minimalist design, in white. It is perfect for daily use but also for when you want to make a beautiful presentation at the table. It stands out for its enormous resistance to bumps and scratches since it is made of quality porcelain, with a polished and refined finish.

It consists of 6 services and a total of 18 pieces, including plain, deep and dessert dishes. In addition, it does not carry any type of ornamentation and being smooth and without pores prevents bacteria from accumulating inside, which facilitates cleaning and hygiene. Toulouse dishes are dishwasher and microwave safe, do not absorb moisture, or retain odors, or flavors. You can even use it again and again without acknowledging the passage of time.

  • Toulouse tableware

  • Material: porcelain

  • White color

  • Ready and minimalist design

  • Number of services: 6 (flat plate, deep and dessert)

  • Number of pieces: 18

  • Extra shock and high temperature resistant

  • Dishwasher and microwave safe

  • Does not retain odors or flavors

  • Measures: 26.5 cm, 20 cm and 19 cm