Proform Ab Trax Core Trainer With Included Exercise Chart, 1 pc

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Get a gut-busting total core workout with the ProForm Ab Trax strength-building system. An innovative design allows for comprehensive, off-the-floor ab training that develops your lower, mid, and upper abdominal muscles and stimulates your obliques. Adjust your Ab Trax Core Trainer’s resistance to meet your fitness needs, increase the difficulty of your current exercise routine, or push yourself to new personal bests. Experience equipment that truly isolates your core while eliminating neck pressure and uncomfortable lower back compression. Your Ab Trax is versatile enough to engage your upper body as well, allowing for a focused arm workout meant to develop and tone lean muscle. Foam forearm pads and a cushioned vinyl kneeboard provide the foundation for a comfortable training session. When your workout is over, a SpaceSaver design allows your Ab Trax to fold into itself for collapsible, compact, and convenient storage in your home. Discover a superior ab workout with the ProForm Ab Trax Core Trainer.

Off-the-Floor Core Development

  • Elevate your ab workout and avoid unclean floors as you train on your Ab Trax Core Trainer

3 Levels of Intensity

  • Adjust the intensity of your workout from minimum to moderate to maximum

Ergonomic Body Positioning

  • Take the stress off your neck and lower back by truly isolating your abdominal muscles

Smooth Glide

  • Experience a smooth ride with every rep on your Ab Trax Core Trainer

Total Ab Training

  • Your Ab Trax Core Trainer provides a fully comprehensive ab workout in one piece of equipment, working your upper and lower core as well as your obliques

SpaceSaver Design

  • Easily store your Ab Trax under the bed or in a closet with this convenient SpaceSaver design

Included Exercise Chart

  • A professionally designed exercise chart outlines specific exercises and proper form that will take your ab training routine to the next level

Easy Assembly

  • Experience a life-changing ab workout without the headache of complicated construction

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