Pinalen Multi Cleaner Max Aromas Floral, 128 oz

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Freshness can last more than a day with the new scent of PINALEN MAX aromas Floral. Simply clean and deodorize your home – all while reviving the smell of aromatic florals. Give yourself a chance to actually stop and smell the roses. Complement your clean home with the long-lasting micro-scent technology found in all three PINALEN MAX aromas. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. PINALEN MAX aromas are formulated with a new micro-scent technology to keep your home smelling great long after initial cleaning. Simply reactivate the premium fragrance microcapsules by sweeping, wiping or stepping for a refreshing aroma. Multi-purpose Household Cleaning Product Cleans, Deodorizes and Degreases. In the Kitchen– Removes baked-on grime from stoves, ovens, range hoods and walls. Just wipe and rinse. In the Bathroom– Cleans and deodorizes the sinks, bathroom fixtures and tile, leaving your bathroom smelling fresh. On Floors and Furniture– Cleans upholstered furniture, patio furniture, vinyl and linoleum.