Oreo Fall Cookie Treats, Variety Pack, 45 x 1.02 oz

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Oreo Fall Treats contains Oreo treats the whole family can enjoy. Double Stuf and Halloween Oreos with two full-size cookies in each pack. Perfect for the lunch box or snacking on-the-go. There are 45 packs in each box, including 25 Double Stuf and 20 Halloween Oreos. Halloween Oreos are embossed with cool spooky designs on the cookies.

  • Oreo Variety Pack with Double Stuf and Halloween Oreo

  • 25 Double Stuf packs and 20 Halloween Oreo packs

  • Two full-size cookies in each pack - perfect for the lunch box or on-the-go snacking

  • Halloween Oreos have cool spooky designs on each cookie

  • Includes 45 packs