Motorola Over-Ear Headphones Comfort Fit, Enhanced Bass Pulse 120, 1 pc

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If you are a true music lover then you know that over-ear headphones are the mother of all headphones. It sits comfortably over your ears and you can completely immerse yourself in your own choice of music. The Motorola Pulse 120 has everything an over-ear headset should have and more.

A deep bass sound and a nice stereo sound

With its powerful 40-millimeter drivers, you can enjoy a deep, better bass sound and a fine stereo sound. Everything enters your ears crystal clear. Due to the large comfortable shells, noises from outside hardly penetrate.

Built-in microphone

You don't have to think about charging, because you just plug it into your smartphone, which you always have at hand. The cord (3.5 millimeter connection) has a built-in microphone, so you can handle your calls in peace and hands-free of course.

The Motorola Pulse 120 is the ideal travel companion

The ear cups finished with soft cushions are wonderfully comfortable. Being so lightweight, this headset is the ideal travel companion. You take it with you everywhere so that you can always enjoy your own music. If you don't need this Motorola Pulse 120 for a while, you can fold the headphones up small so that they easily fit in your bag.