LiveUP Urethane Barbell Set, 20 kg

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ANG 263.15
  • The premium polyurethane straight barbell was produced according to the latest state of production

  • The high quality pure polyurethane has an elasticity which is very insensitive and resistant to abrasion, flaking and by any kind of external influences, such as scratches or bumps

  • The weight blocks are welded to the handle

  • High-quality knurling for optimal grip

  • 20 kg weight gradation from 10.0 – 30.0 kg

  • Weight deviation with a tolerance of +/- 1%

  • Handle: hard chrome-plated steel

  • Weight block made of steel with polyurethane coating

  • Handle diameter: 32.0 mm

  • Inner grip dimension : 870.0 mm

  • Color: black / blue