Le Bleu Premium Water Bottles, 12-Pack, 12 x 1.5 L

ANG 38.90

Le Bleu offers a ultra pure water in a variety of multi-gallon jugs and water bottle sizes. Whatever size suits you, you can rest assured that all bottled water we deliver is the same ultra pure H2O – 11% hydrogen, 89% oxygen. Nothing more. Nothing less. No chemicals, no sodium, no chlorine, no pharmaceuticals, no bacteria, no viruses, no microorganisms.

  • Bottles will never leach any chemicals into our water, even under the harshest conditions. All Le Bleu water bottles of any size are BPA free.

  • Le Bleu 20-ounce bottles are far sturdier than our competitors’ and do not “crumple under pressure”.

  • Le Bleu Premium water bottles are an elegant, refined choice for discriminating customers, in a signature cobalt blue plastic.