Intex Mega Unicorn Party Island Inflatable Floatie, Model # 57266EU

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ANG 315.78

The Intex Inflatable Unicorn Island is no less than 5 meters long and 3 meters wide ... enough seating for you and your friends! Extra fine is the bottom of the lounge island, which is made of gauze material. Here is always a layer of water in which you can dangle with your feet ... wonderfully refreshing!

The inflatable island is equipped with an inflatable platform, through which you can easily climb in and out of the unicorn. You can also get this platform from there. Around the unicorn are several handles and a grabbing cord. Handy to hold on to when you've dipped into the water for some cooling! You can also easily lift and move the Unicorn lounge island with these handles.

The inflatable Unicorn Island comes with an anchor. This is a bag that you can fill with water or sand, and is connected to the mega lounge island via a rope. The anchor ensures that the unicorn does not float slowly to England while you are chilling quietly.

The Intex Unicorn Party Island is made of 0.50 mm vinyl, of very firm quality. In addition, a piece of repair material is included so that you can easily attach a hole if necessary.