Intex Inflatable Tropical Reef Family Pool, Model # 58485

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ntex has always been a leading name in the world of inflated toys and swimming pools. Intex brings to you the latest Intex Swim Center Tropical Reef Family Pool. It is a bright rectangular pool, perfect for your small pool parties. The swimming pool is of standard height so that you can leave your children to play inside the pool without worrying. A convenient and colorful inflatable pool decorated in the theme of the underwater world: on the outside walls depict fish, algae, corals, etc.The coral reef design looks cool. Besides, the side walls and bottom are made of good material rendering the pool very durable. Family pool volume of 1000 liters and can accommodate not only for bathing children, but also parents. The pool is made of thick PVC of 0.32 mm of thickness, which can withstand a high load. At the bottom is a convenient drain valve: To change the water you do not have to blow off and re-inflate the entire basin.