Intex Filter Cartridge A Model 29000, 1 pc

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Keep your pool performing at its best by investing in Intex Pool Easy-Set Type A Replacement Filter Cartridges. Constructed out of 13.5 square feet of high-quality Dacron, this filter cartridge was designed to keep your Intex or other compatible filter pumps running longer and stronger. Replace this filter cartridge every 2 weeks for peak performance. For the long healthy life of your pool, invest in this quality Intex Pool Easy-Set Type A Replacement Filter Cartridge and let it go to work for you.

  • Designed to fit Intex Filter Pumps 28603 / 28604 / 28637 / 28638 / 28635 / 28636 / 28673 / 28674

  • Size:10.8cm x 20.1cm. The middle hole is 4.9cm wide.

  • Cartridges should be replace regularly to maintain efficiency of your filter.

  • Also suitable to replace Bestway type III filter cartridges #58012

  • Product number 29000 (formally 59900)