Intex Angel Wings Inflatable Floatie Mat, Model # 58786EU

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ANG 69.46

These beautiful Angel Wings have a size of 251 x 160 cm and are made of sturdy vinyl with a thickness of 0.30 mm. A piece of repair material is supplied with the air mattress.

The Global Angel Wings Project

Colette Miller started the Global Angel Wings Project in 2012, in the streets of Los Angeles, the City of Angels. The Angel Wings were painted to remind people that we are the angels of this earth. The Angel Wings are interactive public art, where people take photos and thus become part of the artwork. The first pair of Wings was just street art, but the reactions were immediately so spontaneous and positive, of all kinds of people from all backgrounds that Colette has now painted numerous wings around the world - Kenya, Australia, France, Taiwan, Cuba and many more countries. The wings are free for the world and no one's property, not even for Colette.