HP Wireless Mouse, Model # X3000

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The HP X3000 Wireless Mouse couples a classy silhouette with superb functionality to makes browsing through the computer’s functions absolutely fun. It has an eye-catching design with a body grooved to fit every palm. HP inculcates 70 years of experience and diligence into this wireless mouse that meets all the quality standards to make computing uncomplicated for you. It works in collaboration with a nano USB wireless receiver, which clocks at 2.4 GHz to provide good connectivity within a longer range. The HP wireless mouse comes equipped with an optical sensor that uses optical tracking to keep the receiver within its line of sight. This sensor has a high sensitivity of 1200 CPI maximum, the settings of which can be easily adjusted.

The X3000 mouse features three buttons, with an easy-grip scroller in the middle, surrounded by two buttons that are highly sensitive to the slightest touch. It requires one AA battery to operate that can last for approximately 12 months and two AA Batteries are provided along with the packaging. The mouse works seamlessly with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 for efficient operation at all times. Additionally, it has been designed to work on all kinds of surfaces irrespective of their smoothness. The overall compatibility offered by this mouse makes it a great companion to your laptop or desktop computer.

The mouse can be used for regular business applications as well as for gaming purposes. It has a stylish rubber coating on the side that offers a superb grip along with comfort for constant use. The futuristic design of this wireless mouse from HP is sure to catch everyone’s attention every time you use it at work or home. So buy this HP mouse online on Amazon and enjoy its amazing functionality on a daily basis.