Hennessy Black Cognac, 43% Vol., 1 L

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ANG 126.31
  • It is Hennessys first major new launch since Hennessy V.S was introduced in 1961. Hennessy Black offers an intriguing new choice for social occasions and will aim to take Hennessy beyond the cognac category to be the premium mixed spirit of choice.
  • Its consumption versatility will be supported through the creation of a new drinking ritual as it is perfect for enjoying up (shot) or down (mixed drink).
  • Packaged in a sleek, bold black bottle, Hennessy Black is a versatile blend of 35 to 45 unique, pale and gold coloured eaux-de-vie selected for their elegant floral characteristics. These are subsequently aged in French oak barrels previously used by Hennessy for at least five years.