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Nerf Rebelle Messenger

When the mission calls for secrets to be sent and shared, you show your spy style with Nerf Rebelle Secrets and Spies blasters and bows from the Nerf Rebelle brand. Messages fly back and forth between you and your team, hidden in plain sight on Message Arrows. Red reveals what the designs conceal; arm your friend with the decoder so she can discover your secret messages. It's Time to Step Up and Stand Out!

Messenger Blaster Fires Message Darts Up to 75 Feet

Write and Send Messages

Send your messages with style and still keep your secrets hidden from view with the Nerf Rebelle Messenger blaster from Hasbro. Use the special pen to write spy secrets on the Message Darts. The messages can only be seen when you look at your secrets stay concealed. Once you've written your messages on the darts, load the darts into the barrel, pull the handle back to prepare the blaster to fire, then pull the trigger to send the darts flying through the air!

Write Your Own Secret Messages
Reveal Secret Messages

The Nerf Rebelle Secrets & Spies Messenger has a built-in decoder on the blaster, so you can read secret messages. The blaster also comes with a separate decoder that you can give to a friend, so she can read the secret messages you write and send to her. Slip the Message Darts into the decoders, and the messages appear! Spies send and receive lots of messages during their missions, so you can reuse the Message Darts to keep the secrets flying. Use a damp cloth from home to erase the messages on the Message Darts, and now you're ready to scribble some more secrets and shoot them to a fellow spy. The pen stores in the handle of the blaster so it is always nearby when you need it.

Erase the Messages to Use the Darts Again
Mystery, Action, and Adventure

The Nerf Rebelle Secrets and Spies Messenger blaster combines the excitement of spy missions with sports action fun for girls who love mystery, action and adventure. Write and send secret messages, and reveal them with your spy decoders. When only your closest allies need to know the plan, you hide the details in plain sight with the Messenger blaster. Even the biggest secrets are safe with a messenger like you!


Blaster, 5 Message Darts, double decoder, and instructions.


1. Messenger blaster fires message darts up to 75 feet 2. Write secret messages on the darts with the special pen 3. Erase the messages to use the darts again 4. Special pen stores in the handle 5. Double decoder reveals secret messages on the darts

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Nerf Rebelle Messenger Blaster

Get your message out with style, but keep your secrets with the Messenger blaster! Your performance will be top-notch when you launch your Message Darts at targets up to 75 feet away. But you can also make your mark as a spy, because each dart contains a secret message that can only be decoded with the included decoder! The special pen hidden in the handle writes hidden messages on the dart, and once the message is delivered, you can erase the message and write another! Give the decoder to a friend so you can send coded messages in plain sight of your opponents! Show your spy style with the Messenger blaster! Nerf and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.


  • Messenger blaster fires secret messages on Message Darts
  • Blaster fires darts up to 75 feet
  • Includes 5 message darts and a decoder to reveal secret messages
  • You can store the special pen in the handle
  • Double decoder reveals secret messages