Hasbro Baby Alive Finger Paint Baby Doll, Model #C0960

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Like art class, it's fun to paint and play with the Baby Alive Finger Paint Baby Doll and there's so many ways to be creative! Dress her in her smock and put the canvas on the easel to begin. Kids can dip her hand in icy cold water to reveal paint. Place her hand on the blank reusable canvas to reveal a hand print. The color on her fingers will fade with a mommy or daddy's warm touch. Reveal fun colors on the second reusable canvas, too! Fill her paintbrush with water and drag it along to see. The Doll can hold her brush so kids can imagine their baby is a budding artist. The images on each canvas disappear when the water dries. She drinks her bottle too fill it up with water to feed her. After her bottle, she wets! Mommies and daddies can change her diaper (additional diapers sold separately) and comb her rooted hair. Girls and boys can embrace their artistic side while pretending to be a nurturing mommy or daddy.