Hasbro Baby Alive Face Paint Fairy Doll, Model #B9723

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Baby Alive turns mommy and daddy moments into a magical world of play. Girls get to be like mommy and boys get to be like daddy, experiencing first-hand what it's like to be a parent who is excited, delighted, and surprised by the many ways they can nurture and play. They're more than adorable dolls! Using accessories based on each baby's theme, kids can feed her a bottle, change her diaper when she wets, get her ready for activities, and more. With Baby Alive, kids can experience nurturing play. . .and love every moment like a mommy or daddy does!

Imagine fun fairy tales with the Baby Alive Face Paint Fairy doll. . . because girls and boys can simulate painting her face to look like a fairy! First, fill her wand with ice cold water. Then, drag it along her face like a paint brush to reveal a beautiful design -- it looks like face paint! Wipe her face with a warm hand and her face paint magically disappears to repeat the painting play again and again.

Like a real baby, the Face Paint Fairy doll needs mommy or daddy to prepare a bottle for her when it’s time to eat. Kids can experience what it’s like to feed their baby by filling the bottle with tap water and feeding it to her. Yum, looks like she drank it all up…better check her diaper (additional diapers sold separately). Ut oh! She wets too! Kids can change her wet diaper so she can be ready for more play. All better!

After her face is painted, kids can complete their baby doll's look with her detachable fairy wings. Dress-up and fantasy play make mommy and daddy moments with the Face Paint Fairy doll magical, too! Tell tales together and imagine fun, playful fairy scenes!