Grundig Laser Light, 220 V, 1 ct

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ANG 63.15

You want to have the house decorated, but you do not want to go back and forth with ladders and string lights. Recognizable? Then the Grundig Glow Laser Light laser is the right one for you! With this laser light you can decorate the whole house, the barn or trees in the garden in one go. In just a few seconds you create a unique atmosphere. It is super easy to install: plug it in to the main socket, turn it on and done.

The laser technology projects beautiful holographic stars in the colors green and red and barely consumes electricity. You can also choose only green or only red lights. You can adjust the density of the lighting by moving the laser light closer to or further from the surface. With the Grundig Glow Laser Light you receive a ground pen for the garden. Ideal for creating a festive atmosphere whenever! Think of a children's party, fancy dress party for Halloween or of course Christmas.