Glad Food Storage Quart Zipper Bags With Airtight Seal, 25 ct

ANG 5.25

These quart size Glad Storage Zipper Bags are ready to hold a variety of different sized items. These bags are just the right size for storing leftovers, organizing tools, or saving important items. Useful for traveling, zipper bags help keep your toiletries, electronics, and accessories organized and protected. Zipper bags are also an ideal size for keeping your kids' school supplies, small clothes items, puzzles, and toys together. With the Yellow and Blue Make Green seal, you know when the bag is fully closed. Using Glad bags give an extra level of protection for your food and for your things.

  • QUART PLASTIC STORAGE BAGS: Glad quart storage zipper bags are BPA free, have a zipper closure and provide solutions for a variety of different storage needs

  • DOUBLE SEAL LOCK ZIPPER: With a quick glide of the Yellow and Blue Make Green Seal, these one quart storage bags provide an airtight seal

  • MULTIPURPOSE STORAGE BAGS: Glad quart zip seal bags have a variety of uses, from marinating meats, to storing prepared food to organizing small items

  • EXTRA WIDE SEAL: Glad Food Storage Zipper Bags are complete with an extra wide zip seal allowing you to lock tight, and open with ease, every time

  • ZIPPER SEAL STORAGE BAGS: Quart-size food storage bags can be stored in the fridge, pantry or cabinets and are even microwave safe