Glad Food Storage Gallon Zipper Bags With Airtight Seal, 20 ct

ANG 5.55

Glad Bags with FreshProtect II Plastic help keep food fresher. FreshProtect II Plastic is specially designed to maintain a balanced level of carbon dioxide and oxygen for high-respiring produce, to help keep produce such as broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus and corn fresher longer. FreshProtect II Plastic. The food storage bag from Glad, with Fresh Protect II Plastic to help keep your food fresher. Seals Securely. Yellow and blue make green seal, so you know it's sealed tight. Strong and Sturdy. Durable plastic safeguards your food for almost all occasions.

  • Glad Food Storage Bags are BPA free and an essential for a busy kitchen

  • With a quick glide of the Yellow and Blue Make Green Seal, these one gallon food storage bags provide an airtight zip seal

  • Glad Food Storage Bags are ideal for storing food before and after preparation and a great bag for marinating meat Glad Food Storage Bags are complete with an extra wide zip seal allowing you to lock tight, and open with ease, every time

  • Ideal for use in restaurants and other commercial facilities