Febreze Gain Original Scent Air Freshener Starter Kit, 6 pcs

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ANG 47.36
  • Cleans away odors rather than just mask them, and leaves behind a light, fresh scent

  • Get 1200 hours of Febreze freshness (on low setting) from one Febreze PLUG odor eliminator refill (that’s 72,000 minutes!)

  • Febreze PLUG air freshener refills are compatible with all versions of Febreze plug warmers

  • Just plug into any outlet to start cleaning away your tough stinks in the kitchen, mud room, or even pet odors

  • Eliminate odors and treat your senses to the citrus-y freshness of a Gain Original Scent

  • Alternates between two complementary scented oils, so your two nostrils won’t stop sniffing them

  • Perfect for removing pesky background odors from living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens