Electric Knife Sharpener, 1 ct

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2in1 SHARPENER - Don't bother with multiple, costly sharpeners - Our 2 in 1 electric knife and tool sharpener puts a fresh edge on all your kitchen knives, sport knives, scissors and flat head screw drivers NO SKILLS NECESSARY – Simply turn the unit on and allow the automatic blade positioning to guide the knife or tool to the correct angle RAZOR SHARP IN SECONDS - Our sharpener has a unique two stage system for knives - 1st level reshapes the blade for optimum performance - 2nd level smooths and polishes the blade for effortless slicing SECURE ANTI-SLIP FEET AND RETRACTABLE CORD - Suction cups on the base of the sharpener keep the unit securely in place - Guided slots have high shoulders keeping your knife stable as you sharpen – Retractable cord for convenient storage