Cuisinier Deluxe 3.6 L Airfryer, Oil Free, 220 V, 1400 W

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Enjoy a tasty snack.. Everyone at some point feels like it. It is then so nice that there is not too much fuss about it to actually make it ready. With this airfryer you can put healthier and tasty snacks on the table in no time. Low fat and full of flavor! 

The airfryer is much more than a normal fryer. With this airfryer you can fry, roast, grill and bake. The fast circulation of hot air and an optimal heating profile ensure that from now on you can also prepare delicious fries and snakcs without having to add oil. The food gets a crispy crust in no-time!

Because no fat is used, the food is of course much healthier than when you use a traditional deep fryer. With this device the possibilities are endless, for example you can also grill your chicken for a little bit, so that the skin becomes crispy. Another additional advantage of this air technology is that there are much less odors and vapors released during the preparation. The device is easy to clean, safe and economical for daily use. A must-have in every household!