Cuisinier Deluxe 3.2 L Electric Fryer, 220 V, 1400 W

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ANG 210.52

Deep-frying is of course delicious sometime. Healthy frying is of course better! A combination that you might not expect, but with the airfryer it is possible! You deep-fry without oil, but at the same time produce crunchy fries. But you can also process other dishes such as fish, meat, vegetables and even bread with this fryer. 

Also suitable for fish, meat and vegetable preparation. Another nice extra is that this aifryer leaves no unpleasant smells. Frying can be done in the kitchen without any adverse consequences. Because in addition to being a healthy alternative, it is also a pan that knows how to handle things. Come on with those snacks and healthy eating! 

Save liters of frying oil with this fryer. On the bright and clear LCD display you can easily read the remaining time, on how many degrees you fry and you can easily adjust the settings. Of course you still need some oil to get to your crispy fries, but unlike the liters of frying oil, for this aifryer a tablespoon is enough.