Carmencita SalSana 0% Sodio, 100 gr

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Salt, at the present time is a universal ingredient in all recipes, but Carmencita has taken the sodium out. For a healthier life, Salsana 0% sodium, and Salsana light 50% sodium.

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Salt is one of the condiments that has been used since the most ancient of times, and it is so important for human existence that it has sometimes changed historical development. One example of its influence is the story of the origin of the word "salary" which comes from the Latin word "salarium argentum". This was the payment that some Roman soldiers recieved while building roads in ancient Rome.

Salsana 0% sodium
The first salt on the market with 0% sodium. It is the ideal substitute so that you do not have to give up salt in a low or no sodium diet. Besides, it contributes to reducing liquid retention and helps you maintain a balanced diet with which you will feel better than ever.
Salsana 0% Sodium retains all the flavour of common table salt, so that you don't miss out on salt in your balanced diet. That's why you can use it in your salads, for cooking or for whatever you like without noticing any difference at all. The flavour of salsana 0% sodium makes it the healthiest substitute for common table salt.