Brentwood Select Single Electric Induction Cooktop, 1 pc

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The powerful 1800 watt Brentwood Select TS-391 Single Electric Induction Cooktop heats up fast and even for efficient cooking. The adjustable temperature goes from a simmer to searing temperatures. Use the digital display to choose between 6 presets. Cook safely and never burn food again with the built-in 3hr timer and auto shut off feature. Lightweight, compact design makes handling and storage a breeze. Compatible with induction ready cookware. Induction cooking reduces the risk of accidental fires and burns. Rubber feet keep the electric cooktop secure in place. Surface cools down quickly and wipes clean.

  • Heats Up Fast and Even

  • Full Digital Display

  • Adjustable Temperature

  • 6 Programmable Presets

  • 3 Hour Timer

  • Auto Shut Off

  • Easy to Clean

  • Lightweight & Compact

  • Power: 1800w

  • Color: Black

  • Induction Ready Cookware Required