Body & Fit Smart Protein Cookies, Coconut, 175 g

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Smart Protein Cookies are low-protein protein cookies with only 79kcal, 0.2g sugars and no less than 4.2g high-quality protein per 2 pieces. 21 Smart Protein Cookies per pack! Ideal for everyone at any time, in a low carb protein diet, for avid athletes or if you just consciously think about your diet. In insanely tasty flavors such as cocoa nibs, original, almond, apple cinnamon and coconut.

Features Smart Protein Cookies:

  • Low-sugar protein cookies

  • 4.2g high-quality protein, only 79kcal and 0 sugars!

  • 0 added sugars

  • Baked with coconut oil

  • With the best proteins, whey and milk protein

  • Low carb protein diet and tip for avid athletes

  • 21 pieces per package

  • In 5 flavors

  • Incredibly tasty with high-quality whey protein and not the added sugars