Barilla Tri-Color Rotini Pasta, 12 oz

ANG 3.56

The twists and spirals of Tri-Color Rotini allow it to embrace both refined and simple sauces. Tri-Color Rotini is a perfect choice for a pasta salad, or paired with light tomato sauces (with or without finely diced vegetables), dairy-based sauces, or oil-based sauces. A colorful version of a pasta salad favorite, Tri-Color Rotini means "colorful twists" and are two-inch lengths of thick screw-like pasta from Northern Italy. The shape was inspired by children, since they are fun to eat and pair well with a wide variety of sauces.

Product Features:

  • USDA Non-GMO verified

  • Ingredients: seminola (wheat), dry hard wheat flour of spinich, dried tomatoes.

  • "Al dente" perfection in 6 to 7 minutes