Alpina Microfiber Home Cleaning Set, 7 pcs

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ANG 39.99
  • Floor mop, window cleaner and duster

  • 7 pcs cleaning set with interchangeable heads

  • Each accessory is made of soft microfiber that collects dust and ensures effective cleaning.

  • Cleaning your home will be a breeze with this magnificent set

  • Soft chenille duster that can reach the most difficult places to reach, attracting dust and dirt

  • Microfiber mop for cleaning any type of floor, collects dirt and dust with ease

  • Metal rod to reach the dirt even in the highest points of the house

  • The set consists of:

    - Extendable steel handle. Extendable up to 68 -120cm

    - Floor mop with chanille microfibre pad - (Pad Size : 42 x 12cm)

    - Window cleaner with squeegee and microfibre pad

    - Duster with chanille microfibre pad

  • Material: Plastic, metal and microfibre