Nestle Quality Street Chocolates , 480 gr

ANG 14.73

The colorful praline pleasure. Quality Street stands for a unique wealth of chocolates and toffees with a British tradition. The fine delicacies with fruity creams, crunchy nuts, full-bodied caramel or made from very traditional toffee are coated with melt-in-the-mouth chocolate and offer a wide variety of aromatic palate experiences. With their colorful wrapping paper, they are popular with young and old and always a varied gift idea.

In some countries such as Great Britain, the USA and Ireland, Quality Street chocolates are also called "Mackintosh", according to the company's founder.

Incidentally, in this mixture you get the following types of pralines and toffee:

  • Strawberry Dream: dark chocolate with a strawberry cream filling

  • Orange-Chocolate Crunch: Milk chocolate with orange crunchy pieces

  • Fudge: fondant coated in milk chocolate

  • Orange crème: dark chocolate with orange crème filling

  • Milk Choc Block: milk chocolate

  • Toffee Penny: traditional toffee

  • Hazelnut in Caramel: Milk chocolate with soft substance filling and hazelnut

  • Caramel Swirl: Milk chocolate with a caramel cream filling

  • Toffee Deluxe: Toffee with a milk chocolate coating

  • Coconut Éclair: Milk chocolate with a coconut cream filling

  • Noisette Triangle: milk chocolate with praline cream filling

  • Toffee Fingers: Chocolate Toffee Sticks